Friday, 14 June 2024

CHS operates a range of excavators and tracked loaders to minimise impact on the ground. All operators are licensed and experienced in general earthworks, site cuts and footings.

The equipment can be laser guided to ensure accurate cuts to level, and when necessary to various sloping grades.

The equipment we have includes:
·         6,000kg excavator with a full range of buckets, including tilting mud buckets
·         5,000kg excavator with a full range of buckets
·         1,500kg excavator with a full range of buckets
·         Tracked loader including rippers, fork lift tines, lifting jib, and smudge bar
·         Wheeled and tracked site dumpers for limited access
·         Rigid tippers with 6m and 12m cubic capacity
·         Truck and dog trailers combination
We also operate a hook lift truck for the delivery and collection of skip bins, as well as for the collection of green waste and other materials for recycling (please note that materials must not be contaminated for this service).