Friday, 14 June 2024

Consolidated Horticultural Services is committed to providing an all-encompassing service based on the seasonal requirements of the garden. We provide a service that maintains all aspects of your garden including plant maintenance, fertiliser applications, trimming, pruning, weeding, removal of undesired material and the following;

Turf maintenance

As specialists  in lawn management, with a dedicated team we provide all aspects of turf maintenance including cylinder or rotary mowing, fertiliser applications, weed management, renovation, and general advice.

Soil enhancement

Our maintenance program incorporates aeration, cultivation and addition of organic matter to achieve optimum results.

Pest and disease management

We monitor garden pests and diseases and treat as required, ensuring that correct treatment rates and coverage are obtained.

Irrigation maintenance and modification

As fully licensed installers we design, implement and maintain various water delivery methods, whether it be for pots, lawns or gardens requiring drip or sprays. We carry a full range of spare parts to ensure that any necessary repairs can be attended to promptly.

Tree and larger hedge maintenance

In conjunction with leading arboriculture companies, we maintain some of Melbourne’s best hedges. Being fully insured and competent in the use of access equipment, we have not yet found a hedge we can’t shape.

Water features

Whether it is an annual clean, additional water plants or pump maintenance, we cover all aspects of your pond or fountain requirements.

Water harvesting infra-structure

To ensure reliability of these systems, we maintain sump and pressure pumps, as well as water tanks and pits.