Sunday, 26 May 2024

CHS has vast experience in irrigation design and installation; whether it be a simple single valve system or a huge 60 valve system, we have covered all types and sizes. We also have cable and pipe locators to find lost valves and cables.

Our systems give the client total control over the water requirements of the garden, with our designs factoring in soil type, light intensity, sub-soil drainage and plant type.

We use PVC and blue line pipe and also copper when required, to pots and other exposed situations. We have completed commercial installations with very strict construction techniques / standards. These are applied to residential installs as well.

Our experience with managing desalination and bore installation have produced systems not reliant on mains supply when combined with water harvesting. We also have licensed installers who can fit testable backflow devices to comply with current plumbing regulations to reduce cross contamination.